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CollegeThe College Department operates on a trimestral school calendar that makes it possible to complete in three years all baccalaureate degree programs, except the Accountancy and I.T. courses which require additional trimesters for full-time on-the-job training. Trimesters are 13 weeks each with 52 class contact hours for every three-unit subject.

A minimum of 12 units of computer literacy – 15 units of English and at least three units of professional ethics – are prescribed for all degree programs. This will equip students with adequate skills and proper work ethics demanded by the modern work world whether in local or foreign employment.

At present, the College offers seven degree programs namely, Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, Computer Science, and Information Technology; and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, majors in Legal Management, Financial Management, General Management and Marketing.

The on-the-job training (OJT) is arranged and supervised by a highly trained faculty to maximize the students’ exposure to the best practices in the industry, to instill correct work values, and to strengthen the theoretical anchors with practical applications. Students are sent to companies employing the latest trends in banking, information technology and management for practicum learning.

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